pogge: shorter opposition

Pogge: Shorter opposition parties.

God I hate these spineless Liberals! If I wanted a one-party government, I would have stayed in the US fercrissakes.


Scott Tribe said...

The NDP and/or BQ can offer up a contempt of Parliament motion just as easily as the Liberals, you know.

L-girl said...

My disgust for the spineless Liberals goes far, far beyond a contempt of Parliament motion.

And my disgust for Jack Layton's earlier self-interested spinelessness was documented, and attacked, here as well.

I don't criticize the BQ because I know very little about them.

No partisanship here. I stand for principles, not parties.

L-girl said...

Last time I criticized Jack Layton in this blog I was accused of being a Liberal partisan! This time I'm picking on the poor old Liberals. Oy.

redsock said...

I stand for principles, not parties.

That is hard for many people to understand. It is the opposite of the "love it or leave it" mentality of party loyalists.

L-girl said...

In fairness to Scott, this very short post doesn't say all that - doesn't lay out my positions relative to any party. I was just venting!

Because god i hate those spineless liberals. Upper case L and lower case l.

redsock said...

Canandian Cynic has something similar:
Shorter Mike Ignatieff
"We don't approve of the budget but we have no balls, no agenda, no direction and hell, we're barely discernible from the Cons anyway. So we'll express that disapproval by doing squat. Your Liberal Party, the not much lesser of evils!"


Me: Ignatieff = worthless pile of poop