"injurious" to whom? to the conservative party, of course

The federal government has asked a former Supreme Court of Canada judge to review whether there would be "injurious" effects if some Afghan detainee documents were made public.

I have no doubt that releasing the documents would have injurious effects. On this Prime Minister Stephen Harper and I agree. The effects could be catastrophically injurious to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Therefore: dissemble, impugn, mock, deny, cover, stall, prorogue, censor, obfuscate, obstruct, smear, refuse, redact, dismiss. Invoke "national security". Repeat as necessary.


redsock said...

Harper says: "national security"

Harper means: "security of my job/political career"

Dharma Seeker said...

Pullleeeze, since when does Harper care about what the Supreme Court thinks? He didn't care when it was about Omar Khadr. He also didn't care about what would be "injurious" to the detainees. He is the ultimate hypocrite and a total fucktard. Pardon my language.

redsock said...

Pardon my language

Why? Not obscene enough?

geek guy said...

this will get very bad for the PMO
but it will take time!!