federal court asked to rule on kenney's influence on refugee cases

Pogge has it.

I would like to leave a comment at Pogge, but can't seem to get past the new moderating system. A commenter wonders why Master Harper doesn't reel in his loud-mouthed CIC Minister. I've always assumed that Kenney does Harper's bidding (a possibility the commenter also notes), or we wouldn't see so much of him.

What's more, many people think Kenney is positioning himself for a run as future Leader, and he's putting himself on display with that in mind.

Regardless, a federal court review of his undue influence could be very interesting.


geek guy said...

a maybe its me but ware did it say the "federal court asked to rule on kenney's influence on refugee cases"
i am not saying its not there but i dont see it??.

L-girl said...

From Pogge:

"now a Toronto-based lawyer has asked a Federal Court to rule on whether the minister, by making the statements, has interfered in the Immigration and Refugee Board's independence."

geek guy said...

ok so its the quoted statement.?
I see

geek guy said...

sorry i did not add Thanks to my last comment :(

L-girl said...

Pogge is quoting the other blog, Accidental Deliberations. First block quote that starts the post.

You're welcome. :)