best of wmtc 2009, the long list

No wonder I think this blog has fallen off a cliff. I had really a good year last year.

Here are my and Allan's candidates for best of wmtc 2009. Perhaps this is too many for a sidebar widget, it may look unseemly. On the other hand, it's good to remind myself that I can write, and I do write, and I should just keep on keeping on.

  • thoughts on privilege

  • blog for choice day: providing a safe haven

  • jeremy hinzman appeal hearing through a campaigner's eyes

  • why not let them stay? current conservative arguments demolished

  • an atheist defends theists, part two

  • we all must support striking city workers

  • non-recyclable plastics and the dilemma of organic lettuce

  • internal documents show harper govt obsessed with war resisters

  • from the archives: on being childfree

  • you can't find inner peace in a bottle (of iced tea)

  • have you hugged a man today?

  • are my hands clean, and can i stand to get them a little cleaner

  • on becoming a writer, part three (with links to parts 1 and 2)

  • "the gray area": in which i am detained, harassed and threatened at the border

  • why i can't watch the olympics anymore

    M@ said...

    My vote is for "the gray area", although I enjoyed "why not let them stay?", "support striking city workers", and "internal documents" as well.

    Are we nominating people's choice awards too? Because I thought the Genocide Is More Importnat Than Traffic post was also really good. This one and the striking city workers one gave me a different and valuable perspective about those issues.

    L-girl said...

    Yes to the people's choice awards! Thanks M@!

    I'm thinking of putting all of these on a sidebar widget, and also pulling out my essay at The Mark for the sidebar, too.

    I'm thinking of doing this right now, when I should be reading an article on First Amendment Perspectives on Pornography in the Library...

    And maybe getting some chores done around the house...

    L-girl said...

    Hey M@, tell us about your early reading influences. It's not too late.

    redsock said...

    hey mr. cic: what was your favourite post?

    i say we keep a list as the year goes on so we don't have to comb through them all next january.

    L-girl said...

    i say we keep a list as the year goes on so we don't have to comb through them all next january.

    Feel free!