who comes to canada and who does not, revisited

A fascist hatemonger crosses the border, a renowned Mexican chef cannot. That's Stephen Harper's and Jason Kenney's Canada for you.

Don't miss Dr. Dawg on Canada's selectively (im)permeable borders.

For added context, see this old wmtc post: who comes to canada and who does not.


Jere said...

That Coulter site is so bootleg. They spell "following" with one L and "information" with three Os.

L-girl said...

Is it any wonder that people celebrating Coulter can't spell? Morans!

(So "bootleg"?)

Jere said...

Meaning unofficial-looking.

L-girl said...

Ah. Thanks.

Jere said...

Ha--Coulter's speech last night was canceled! Because I guess they wanted hatemongering lite and she did some actual hatemongering?

L-girl said...

It was cancelled because the protests on campus were so intense, there were fears for her safety. Students exercising their free speech to keep hers out!


This gives an idea of what happened the previous night at the University of Western Ontario.