silver linings in gold medals

I haven't been watching the Olympics, and I don't follow hockey, and I don't care about medal counts.

But it's still pretty cool that Canada beat the US for the gold medal in both men's and women's hockey. Beating the US is always sweet!


Joe Gravellese said...

this should have been put behind a 'not-safe-for-joe' link :(

L-girl said...

Awww. :/

Very soon we'll be on the same team again!

Joe Gravellese said...

YEAH!! Can't wait!!!! I'm itching for baseball and warm days.

L-girl said...

A contagious itch, I have it too.

Btw, I stayed up til 2 am watching a re-broadcast of yesterday's hockey game!

Canada Calling said...

We were there for the last 4 days and the vibe in Vancouver was electric and exciting!

Joe Gravellese said...

was it not a great game, L? can't you see why I love this game? :)

It's funny being a fan in the US because it's a 'fringe sport' here, so all the talk was about how a US gold would possibly make the sport more stable/popular stateside.

Obviously, the sport doesn't need to be "helped" or gain any exposure north of the border.

The guy who scored the game winning goal, Sidney Crosby, is one of the best players in hockey and I'm glad he scored it. He is hated by a lot of fans, mostly because he is good. He seems like a nice person though (so far as we can tell through the screen), and he's an amazing player.

Zach Parise, who scored the game-tying goal for the US in the last 20 seconds, is one of my favo(u)rites as well - I saw him play a lot when he was in college and I knew he was one of the best young American players.

The women's game was awesome as well, both teams were absolutely gassed after the game - it looked like someone dumped a huge bucket of water on every player because they were all drenched in sweat. They basically wait four years for that one huge game against the other, as the US and Canada are the only two countries that are very good at women's hockey, and there's no professional league or anything like that.

L-girl said...

Joe, I love hockey, always have. Eons ago, I used to go to Islanders games regularly - I had a friend whose dad had season tickets.

We've been to a couple of OHL games here, too. I love that - for the same reason that minor league baseball is so great - but even better, because it's not as shticky.

I just don't follow the sport at all - don't watch it on TV, don't know who is on what team, don't know the NHL standings, etc. But for me liking a sport and following it are 2 different things. I love women's basketball, too, but I stopped following it years ago.

As pure sport, I like hockey second to baseball. Distant second, but that's because of how much I love baseball!

The guy who scored the game winning goal, Sidney Crosby, is one of the best players in hockey and I'm glad he scored it.

When we moved to Canada, Crosby had just been drafted by the Penguins. The Globe and Mail had a reporter covering his rookie season practically on a day-by-day basis. His name was absolutely everywhere.

I was very surprised to learn in JoS gamethreads that fans hated him. He's certainly a god here in Canada, especially in the east, where he's from.