overwhelming majority of canadians support "an olympic peace"

A new Nanos Poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Canadians embrace the idea that all countries participating in the Olympics should declare peace for the duration of the Games. Every age group and region shows strong support for this idea; support for peace was highest in Quebec.

From Nik on the Numbers:

Support for Olympic Peace Question:

As you may know, the Winter Olympics will be starting in February 2010. Do you support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or oppose all participating countries declaring peace, that is stopping hostilities around the world, during the Olympic Games?
Support 80.7%
Somewhat support 7.6%
Somewhat oppose 1.9%
Oppose 5.5%
Unsure 4.3%

This reminds me of the lunacy of the Christmas ceasefire.

Start with an Olympic peace. Then extend the idea. Peace.


Dharma Seeker said...

I'm with you. Any peace is good peace. Maybe some people just need to start small? Baby steps?

Some Person said...

Well it's easy for the Canadians to say they want peace during the Olympics. But how many of them are working on 5 different defense contracts at once or plotting war strategy for geo-political advantage? Until they've marshaled a division to raid Baghlan for the 38th stretch (and it will work this time!), I don't think the Canadians really understand what it would mean to call off a war.

L-girl said...

Maybe some people just need to start small? Baby steps?

My point really is that if you can a ceasefire, you can have peace. If you can have an Olympic peace, you can have peace.

As Some Person suggests, war is more profitable for certain people. That's the only obstacle.