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The pioneers of a warless world are the young men and women who refuse military service.

Albert Einstein


Northern Girl said...

The idiots that aid these wars are the school principals and teachers who believe it is their patriotic duty to force American children to listen to military recruitment pitches during class time. Children are not permitted to leave the classroom during these military pitches so they are forced to listen to the recruiter.

Under the No Child Left Unrecruited, sorry, Behind Act, schools must allow military recruiters on school grounds. Classroom recruitment sessions are at the discretion of the principal.

Daily there is a military recruiter in the cafeteria of my son’s high school offering key fobs and plastic water bottles to the children in return for filling out a form stating they are interested in talking to a military recruiter.

Last week my son’s class was forced to spend 45 minutes of class time listening to an aggressive military recruitment pitch. The recruiter told my son he must fill out the form stating that he was interesting in being contacted by a military recruiter to discuss his future career in the US military. When my son refused to fill out this form, the recruiter told him that if he didn’t want to be contacted by recruiters he should state this on the form and no recruiter would contact him, (yeah, right!) but it was mandatory to fill it in and hand it back. He still refused to do so and the recruiter backed down.

Had he completed this form, the recruiter would have access to my son’s private cell phone and email, and would talk to him without my knowledge or consent. The completed form the recruiter was so insistent my son fill out would override my son’s military opt out form.

Schools often ignore military opt out forms, obviously.

There is a word for grown adults who stalk children without parental knowledge – Predator.

My son is 14 years old and this was 9th grade art!

Next week his math class is having a military recruiter during class time as well.

Apparently, in America, a classroom of 14 and 15 year old children is not too young to be brainwashed by a military recruiter.

L-girl said...

Yes, very true. I was thinking more globally, but yes, the militarization of US - and Canadian - schools is extremely disturbing.

There is a counter-recruitment movement throughout both countries, especially in the US where the military presence in schools is so intense.

A few good places to start:

Coalition for Alternatives to Militarism in our Schools

The Counter Recruitment blog

Counter Recruitment

Without letting teachers and principals off the hook, the problem doesn't originate with them, it originates with the US government and the military.

L-girl said...

CODEPINK's counter-recruitment page

NNOMY: National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth

Olivia said...

Thank you for the counter recruitment links.

I've done my best to make other parents aware of the situation in the schools and will pass these links on to them as well.

Hopefully it's not as bad in Ontario.

L-girl said...

Nowhere near as bad, I think. Just more than it should be, which is none.

Olivia, are you also Northern Girl? I had a feeling that was you, but wasn't sure.

Northern Girl said...

Yes, I'm Northern Girl, and not a very tech savvy girl at that.

I didn't realize that I had signed out during my last comment.

I'm new to commenting, and I just started my first blog a few months ago, but I'm not very good at it yet. I'm hoping to chronicle our move to Guelph so my American relatives-in-law can learn more about Ontario.

L-girl said...

Good luck with the blog - and, more importantly, the move.

Northern Girl said...

Thank you.