little pupdate, with apologies to tala

What a bad dog-mommy I am! January 29 was Tala Day, and we forgot all about it! So, in honour of three years of our hilarious, big-eared Bo (short for Talabo, short for Tala Bobala), let's all go terrorize squirrels.

tala curtain 12

In other news, Cody - 13 years old, with arthritis and hip dysplasia, not to mention newly-diagnosed cancer - is snoozing on the bed when we're not home. We don't know how she gets up there anymore. We have a ramp for her at the back door, and we help her in and out of the car, and the bed is kind of tall.

But after years of trying to keep dogs off the bed - barriers, balloons, alarms - now I'm thinking of ways to help Cody get on it! I don't think a ramp would work in the bedroom, but maybe some sort of step.

backyard snow feb 07 08 033

Not much to update yet regarding Cody's condition. She has no symptoms yet. We have an appointment with an oncologist in Guelph, and I'll post an update after that.


impudent strumpet said...

Happy Tala Day!

I don't think Tala would mind if you're a few days late, she's probably worried about Cody too if she understands that she isn't well.

Does the understand? Or does she go "No fair, Cody gets to be on the bed, I want to be on the bed too!"

L-girl said...

Thank you!

I don't think Tala knows there's anything wrong with Cody yet. I can barely think about what it will do to her later. Watching one dog mourn a pack-mate's absence is very sad.

Re bed, it's funny, dogs accept different rules for different members of the pack, as long as it's consistent. They don't act like "No fair," they act like, "This is the way it is". Kind of like they accept that mommy and daddy eat at that table-thingy, and they eat from bowls on the floor.

One dog might challenge another dog's privileges, dog to dog, but then they're challenging their status in the pack in general.

johngoldfine said...

We use a spare equine mounting block to help the smaller dogs up and down onto the bed. The equines, thank god, are not allowed in the house.

Here's something similar:


L-girl said...

Thanks, John. The company that makes the ramp also sells similar steps. Their motto is "no pet left behind": Solvit.

I'm hoping to not actually buy anything, because I'll never want a dog on the bed again. But we'll see.

The equines, thank god, are not allowed in the house.

So you're not completely crazy! Good to know. :)

David Cho said...

With apologies to Tala? I would like to see her post comments :).

Noah would always jump in to bed when I did, and spend about 5-10 minutes cuddling before it became evident that he needed more space. He'd always face me, and then stretch out all four legs. It was our nightly ritual.

So dogs accept different rules without feeling sad and left out?

Amy said...

Happy belated Tala Day! Glad that she is blissfully ignorant of what is going on with Cody.

We never even tried to keep our pets off the bed. Cassie only comes on when Harvey leaves it (he gets up before I do most mornings) or when neither of us is in it. Not our training---must have been her first owner. And the cats? Who can train cats? One cat consistently comes under the blanket to wake me up at 5 am, and she is so damn cute that I don't even get annoyed.

redsock said...

I would like to see her post comments :).

She has told me she has considered starting a blog, but she is not sure she has the time, though, what with the yard patrol, shuttling between her three windows (and going up and down and up and down the stairs), smacking Cody in the head with her paw, etc.

L-girl said...

Cats on beds, of course. But for me, big dogs that shed cannot be on the bed.

But also, if you have a dog with any kind of dominance issues, you cannot allow them on furniture at all. We learned this a long time ago, the very hard way! (Stories for another day.) But once we got that straightened out, no more furniture for any dog - at least not in our sight. :)

So dogs accept different rules without feeling sad and left out?

If they're secure in their place in the pack, and you're consistent, yes, absolutely.

If they don't accept different rules, they won't feel sad or left out - they'll challenge the other dog. Meaning, it's a dominance thing - I want what you have, and I'm taking it, let's see what you do about it.

But I'm sure Tala will never go on furniture. She had never been inside a house when we adopted her! So all her house rules are ours. This is the only house she's ever known, so as far as she knows, this is How It Always Is.

That includes Cody. :(

johngoldfine said...

"So dogs accept different rules without feeling sad and left out?"

Hard to be categorical. Dogs are very good at accepting hierarchical rules about who goes out first, who eats first, who can and can't be play-bitten, who sleeps where. It makes perfect sense to them that when I want to sit down on the chair, they have to move. It's pretty much just a law of nature. They treat each other with similar indifference to who-was-here-first. The law of the club and the fang has nothing to do with our puny notions of 'justice.'

Dogs will, however, test a situation. Hierarchies can be fluid, and there are anomalies: Boca fiercely drives Timmie off the couch but meekly goes out the door behind him.

Dogs do get jealous about attention. If I get down on the floor to mess with Boca, Maddie is over in a second trying to cut between us to get what she considers a fair share. The others look on this silliness with serene indifference.

If it's not indelicate to offer another example of jealousy, our dear departed Precious would lie under the bed when my wife and I had a date, in fact lie right under my wife. And as soon as my wife would get up (please, no 'that must have not been a very long wait' jokes!), Presh would hop up to the spot Jean had been keeping warm and roll over on her back for a through scratch.

Some guys have It!

L-girl said...

Ha ha, John, thanks for that.

John's assessment meshes perfectly with mine. A dog will test the boundaries to see where s/he fits in (unless she's Cody, the Omega dog, always lowest), but they don't get sad about different rules.

Dogs do get jealous about attention.

Oh yes! I wasn't counting that as different rules. All our dogs have always been jealous of attention. When we pet Cody, Tala's head appears between the arm and Cody's head. Me me me me!

Dharma Seeker said...

Dogs definitely accept different rules because they are pack animals and hierarchy comes with the territory.

Tala definitely doesn't know there's anything wrong with Cody. Cody doesn't know there's anything wrong with Cody! They're both happy and loving life :)

Michelle said...

Song for Cody

Cody, Cody, she is such a champ
She has short fur and she loves to use her ramp
She smells like a grape - some say like a tortilla
And when you come into the house, she's always glad to see ya!