montreal fans are smart

From the BigCityLib: Harper booed at Montreal hockey game.

Although I will do my best not to read too much into this incident, it brings me hope.


redsock said...

Great comment at the blog:

"I wish I could have been there, I'd have boo'ed up a lung while pumping both middle fingers furiously up and down, my face twisted with rage..."

Considering the shit Harper has said about Quebec, I'd be very disappointed (and somewhat shocked) if this had not happened.

James said...

Just about every interview or article I've seen about the Copenhagen summit has mentioned Canada as the biggest problem/disappointment in global climate change politics at the moment, because our progress has completely stalled and we've missed all the targets we committed to at Kyoto. We can thank Harper for that.

rockfish said...

How i wish there was a youtube of this. It'd be a minor good note to a rather bad week...