diane savino, hero for justice

As you know, my beloved New York State did a terrible thing this week, rejecting an opportunity for equality. But this woman did her best to move things in the right direction. Meet New York State Senator Diane Savino. And if you think this woman isn't putting her job on the line with her speech and her vote, you haven't been to Staten Island.

I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. She really gets cooking around 4:30.

Found here from Digby.


Stephanie said...

Wow, she's good!! I was glued and watched the whole thing!I will pass this one on...others must see this.

I also noted this story about a movement to ban divorce in California

Tongue firmly planted, of course. ;P

L-girl said...

Oh yeah, I think James sent me that one on California and divorce. Cool. :)

Thanks, Stephanie, I think I'll post this link on FB too.

jgoldfine said...

She has a nice deadpan delivery, real, live, in the moment--not all that common in politicians.

MSEH said...

Thanks so much for posting that. So disappointing to see it fail.

David Bratzer said...

This was an amazing speech. Thank you for posting this.

Kim_in_TO said...

Great speech! I'm going to save that clip; for sure, there will be other chances to use it!