demand a torture inquiry!

Red Cross warned Canada of prison abuse - in 2006.

And only two days after an April 2007 Globe & Mail investigation revealed allegations of abuse and torture among Afghan prisoners transferred by Canadians, Richard Colvin was ordered to delete "two bluntly worded sections" on Ottawa's delays in telling Red Cross about prisoner transfers.

Arif Lalani, the ambassador who ordered the censorship, is currently Canada's director-general of the Foreign Affairs Department's policy planning bureau.

Keep the pressure on. I want a torture inquiry! Sign and pass it on.


redsock said...

And fuckin' blood-thirsty Blatchford has a column ripping Colvin because (I guess) he took too long to come forward on this issue -- which isn't really an issue anyway, as you can see from these explanatory quotes from Retired lieutenant-general Michel Gauthier, the commander of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command for the time period in question, so stop saying that.

L-girl said...

That woman makes me sick.

L-girl said...

Typical right-wing response, too.

Whistleblower comes forward with damning government information.

Stage one: he's a bad person and can't be trusted.

Stage two: he's a liar, we didn't do it.

Stage three, when caught red-handed: If he was so concerned, why didn't he come forward sooner? It's his fault!

Alternate stage three: We did it, but they deserved it.

The last bit doesn't fly so well in Canada.