choice is not enough

Women have learned to describe everything they do, no matter how apparently conformist, submissive, self-destructive or humiliating, as a personal choice that cannot be criticized because personal choice is what feminism is all about.

Katha Pollitt

I love this statement, and find myself thinking of it or quoting it often.

Yesterday I saw its application to other spheres: in this discussion, and this continuation. It's not about women or feminism, but I think you'll see the connection.

Thank you to Canadian Cynic for letting us use his blog for what turned out to be a lengthy, off-topic discussion.


Cornelia said...

Well, yeah, I strongly regret the choices some women who have bought into that sort of patriarchal propaganda which is less obvious but more subtle and manipulative have been making, alas...

Cornelia said...

There are some "choices" I don't agree with, I personally would never opt for and I don't recommend either!!