when you don't see a poppy, don't assume ignorance or apathy

Someone else who chooses not to wear a poppy: Impudent Strumpet on Remembrance Day. A great personal-is-political post.


Shaun said...

Do you know anything about the Bethany Smith case?


I want to do what I can to help her here in Fredericton.

L-girl said...

I've blogged about her case a few times - look under the "war resisters" category and search for Skyler James.

Perhaps you haven't heard, there was a HUGE breakthrough victory in her case, just two days ago. The Federal Court ordered the IRB to re-hear her case.

From what I gather, she's doing fine - living in Ottawa, working, volunteering, part of a community.

L-girl said...

Also, you'll have a much easier time finding info about her if you look for Skyler James. That's the name she goes by.

L-girl said...

If you want to help the cause in general, there will be an event in Fredericton in either December or January, in support of Bill C-440. You could probably contact the Fredericton Peace Coalition for details.

John F said...

For my own reasons, I choose to wear the poppy each year. I am utterly disgusted at the idea that someone might be condemned for choosing not to. That's equivalent to the charming young ladies who went around pinning white feathers of cowardice to the lapels of men during the Great War.

L-girl said...

Thanks John.