malalai joya in toronto: thoughts with report to follow

Hearing Malalai Joya speak last night was electrifying, inspiring, humbling, maddening and profoundly moving.

Electrifying because she fairly crackles with the energy and life-force of the people united, changing the world.

Inspiring because she is a consummate leader, and doer, and organizer.

Humbling because I was, frankly, in awe of her. She has struggled against unfathomable odds (four assassination attempts?!) and has only gotten stronger. She says, "I am not afraid of death, I am only afraid of silence." She lives for The Struggle, and she is an example to each of us whose hearts live there, too.

Maddening because Canada - Canadians! - our tax dollars! - are supporting an repressive, corrupt, misogynist, brutal, fascist regime in Afghanistan.

And deeply moving to hear and learn from such a teacher.

I want to write about her talk more fully, but I need a little time to let things percolate, and I have a few things already on the agenda today. Unfortunately, I won't be able to report as well as I have on other events: Joya speaks in a rapid-fire delivery that defies manual recording. (When she answered an audience member's question in Pashto, the speed ratcheted up to lightning levels!) But I'll summarize as best I can, and I know there'll be video up soon.


Boyd M L Reimer said...

Percolate is right... Me too....Wow!

Hearing Malalai Joya last night was a very powerful experience for me:

It was especially powerful because the whole time she was speaking I was thinking: "She is again, right now, putting her life in danger by saying these very words I am hearing right now."

....Very profound experience for me....

Also, the real life drama of seeing how Malalai Joya and Kimberly Rivera related to each other (and all so public) was truly profound, and very
striking in so many ways...The most profound things did not even involve words at all! (This was not TV, this was not an article, this was real life.....wow) I think I will remember this for the rest of my life.

..and, yes, my whole being is percolating and resounding with the experience .....

L-girl said...

Yes, I am just buzzing and bowled over by it. Malalai Joya acknowledging Kim like that was incredible - all the WRSC campaigners were talking about it afterwards!

Thanks for your thoughts, Boyd. (Great to meet Reena (sp?), too!) I will definitely write about it tomorrow.

Lisa said...

I heard her this morning on CBC. I got chills...she was VERY powerful.


L-girl said...

Excellent! I was really glad when I heard she was on the show.

Cornelia said...

Malalai and Kimberly together - that must have been so awesome!

Kimberly Rivera said...

For Me I am privliged to activelly got to meet the Bravest woman, and be in soladaity with her. That is and will be the best experince in my life. Why she had to put me in there with her, I do not even compare or can even imagen. I would say the best event so far.
Thanks to all
Kimberly Rivera

Cornelia said...

I'm happy to hear you liked it so much Kimberly. Validation and vindication are always wonderful and often much needed, I hold.

L-girl said...

Kim, we all know why you were there!

Boyd M L Reimer said...

Thank you for who you are, Kimberly Rivera!

You are truly one of the brightest jewels on the bracelet of humanity.

By the way, Kimberly, we recently gave one of your bracelets as a birthday present to one of our dearest friends (along with the write-up about you, the creator).

Birthday presents are very personal...and that's fitting because you have the precious ability to communicate on a personal level...

..That's why I think that your idea to use art to communicate in the future is so very fitting. I'm glad you spoke about that on that night.