arkansas cops tase 10-year-old girl

...but don't worry, it was just a wee little shock. Plus her mom said it was ok, and moms always know best.

Arkansas cops taser 10-year-old girl.

Thanks to James for sending and to M Yass for posting on FB.


Some Person said...

Meh, she was probably being a little brat and deserved it. Heck, I use a taser on my cat all the time whenever he's being a little pill. They're also great for opening a stubborn jar of pickles too.

Tasers work great for all of life's little problems. And since they're non-lethal*, there's nothing to complain about. =D

*Incidents involving tasers and mortality had nothing to do with the taser. TASER International, Inc. and its subsidiaries take no responsibility for marketing, production, distribution, and use of tasers. They're totally safe. Trust us.

impudent strumpet said...

Dear People of Ozark, Arkansas:

If the fact that your police think it's reasonable to tase a 10-year-old doesn't make you scared, the fact that your police can't take down an unarmed 10-year-old without a taser should.

James Redekop said...

Follow-up: the cop in question has been given a seven day suspension with pay. Not for zapping the girl, though, but for breaking taser use protocol and zapping her without the video camera attachment on.

allan said...

a seven day suspension with pay

A week-long paid vacation -- sweet!

laura k said...

a seven day suspension with pay

James has already sent me the answer to this question: "So what exactly does a cop have to do to actually get punished?"

Ticket the mayor's son.