annual u.s. thanksgiving road trip

I am so enjoying the shitstorm swirling around Richard Colvin's courageous revelations, and the predictably cowardly Government smear campaign, the Conservatives as always more interested in protecting themselves politically than any semblance of doing the right thing. As corroborations pour in from various sources, it will be interesting to watch these slimy bastards squirm. As entertaining as the political show can be, let's not forget what we (re)learned about the war in Afghanistan.

Last year while we were gone for US Thanksgiving, democracy broke out! RIP Coalition, one year ago. Then came the Demonize Quebec campaign, then the prorogue. What will happen while we're away this year??

I will leave you with one thought. During a speech yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged journalists to "shine light into dark corners" of government affairs. Then he refused to take questions from reporters.

Now we're off for our annual 10-hour drive which ends at my mom's place. I can't wait to see everyone! Sadly, this trip includes a shiva call, as a member of our extended family passed away this weekend. It was not a shock (cancer), but he was a great guy, much loved. Other than that, the trip should be great, and I'm also glad I can be there for to pay respects.

Speaking of predictable and cowardly (not my friend, the Conservatives!), cue the trolls exhorting me to stay out of the country. Yes, after all these years, they're still at it. Nothing ever new in those peabrains. My apologies to peas.


Amy said...

Have a great trip, Laura and Allan. I am so sorry about your loss and hope all are doing okay.

We just returned from a trip to NYC ourselves----amazing weekend. We saw two movies and a play: A Serious Man, Precious, and God of Carnage (plus museums, walking, eating, etc.). All three works left me wondering about the human race and its tendencies towards evil. Hardly uplifting, but certainly thought-provoking. Peabrains may be the least of our problems!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and drive carefully!!

Stephanie said...

Have a safe trip! Here's hoping for interesting developments to discuss on your return!

redsock said...

"The Conservative government was aware from the first day it took office in 2006 that Taliban suspects, rounded up by Canadian soldiers, might be tortured in Afghan prisons, says Defence Minister Peter MacKay. The government then waited 15 months, until May 2007, before putting new safeguards in place to monitor the treatment of Afghan detainees."

John F said...

Stay out of the country! The US, that is. I hear there's no health care and a lot of guns! :-)

Some Person said...

But then the U.S. right-wingers will say that you should go back to Canada. Then you can stand on the border and watch as both sets of righties yell at each other over who gets to keep you. Then someone will make a preemptive strike and cause all kinds of lulz.

Dharma Seeker said...

So far the most interesting news in this corner of the woods is 4 top Toronto Humane employees have been arrested on charges of animal cruelty and obstructing a peace officer, something like that.

Some of the allegations suggest that some animals were kept hidden during the initial raid, which TSH was forewarned about. We can talk more when you get home. Miss you, travel safe and enjoy the holiday