wtf fundable?!

Go to the Fundable home page! Wow!

If you made a donation to the War Resisters Support Campaign through our Fundable page, we're assuming that the whole thing will just disappear and no one will be charged. If that's not the case, I'll be the first to know, as I was the first donation. If anything fishy happens, we'll take action at that time.

And meanwhile, the Campaign needs money! We have to figure that out, too.

This is crazy!


Scott M. said...

Can someone say "Libel"?

I knew you could!

Wow. Pretty harsh on Mr. Helms' reputation.

Kim_in_TO said...

Oh my. That's a shame!

Well... we can start another donation campaign, but maybe it will be better not to have the pressure of losing all the pledges should the goal not be met...

L-girl said...

The two great things about Fundable was that it was so decentralized - people could send it to their own contacts, so we reached people far beyond our own lists - and people could donate online.

If we could find a service that did both of those things, without the "raise this or nothing" pressure, AND it was reliable, that would be terrific.

If I had a slow weekend at work, I would research it. That's a huge IF these days.

Scott M. said...

If you guys are a registered charity, there's always canadahelps.org

L-girl said...

Thanks, Scott. We are not.

L-girl said...

Now it's back up?!

Not that I think we should continue using it, but at least now I can retrieve the email addresses of new donors, so we can email all of them.

This is SO weird.