war resisters legal defense is back!

We're now using ChipIn, which appears to be safe and reliable. They don't charge a fee, and the Campaign can collect all money we raise, whether or not we meet our goal.

Please give and circulate widely. Thank you!

You can click here, or go to resisters.chipin.com.


L-girl said...

I see there's a little lag time between the time a donation is made and when the widget is updated.

I get a notification from PayPal that someone has donated, but the widget still shows an old amount.

That's not as much fun!

Scott M. said...

How can they not charge a fee? How about the Visa charges, etc?

L-girl said...

The same way Blogger, Statcounter, YouTube and a million other websites don't charge fees. They derive income through other means.

Not sure what you mean by Visa charges. PayPal deducts their own fee, as they do for all PayPal transactions under a certain threshold.

L-girl said...

More about ChipIn