republicans for bigotry

Media Matters: After 6 Days, RNC Finally Removes "Repeal Loving v Virginia" poster from Facebook page.

Loving v Virginia is the 1967 US Supreme Court decision striking down "anti-miscengation" laws, making it illegal for a state to forbid a black person from marrying a white person.

Check out the poster. It shows President Obama eating fried chicken.

I'm only posting a tiny fraction of the virulent, often violent racism swirling around in the US these days. But keep 'em coming. Thanks to James.

And regarding Al Franken and Jamie Leigh Jones, a reader sent me this: Republicans for Rape. Thanks to Tripleman.


Nigel Patel said...

It's disgusting. They're losing though.
There's less racists coming out of the woodwork than there were out in the open when I was a kid.

L-girl said...

I agree, they are totally losing. Most people don't blink at inter-racial marriages anymore, where when I was a child it was considered shocking.

But it's always something we have to watch for and educate about.

Some Person said...

So much for the GOP being the party of William Cohen, Clarence Thomas, and others in interracial marriages. Keep digging a hole, GOP. If you really do become irrelevant, I might even hold off on moving to Canada...

...nah, this place will never be as awesome as Canada.