in which i take a day off

Guess what I did today? I took a day off!

This was the first day I haven't done any work for school since I started. It's the beginning of Week 4 and I was feeling very put-upon. I felt like autumn - by far my favourite season - would pass me by while I was toiling away over "Critical Theory in Information Infrastructure". It was time for a hike.

Allan, Cody, Tala and I went to Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, one of the parks in the Halton region, a little west and north of us. Last year we hiked at Hilton Falls, also in Halton. It was so nearby, relatively speaking, that I wanted to check out some of the others.

Rattlesnake Point is on the Niagara Escarpment, which gives it beautiful views. It's a popular spot for rock climbing and caving. We walked along the ridge line, a pleasant stroll in the quiet of the woods, my favourite decompressor.

I had heard of the "historic village of Campbellville," so we were hoping for a pub. But the historic Campbellvillians must drive a ways for a pint, because all we found was a luncheonette kind of place. We saw some lovely old homes, though - a beautiful change from the suburban sameness of Mississauga - and Milton, for that matter, which is gobbling up the farmland all around the Halton Conservation Areas.

We were only gone for a few hours, but it was so refreshing.

Click for better views. You might be able to spy Lake Ontario in the distance.

halton 001

halton 002

halton 003

halton 004


Nigel Patel said...

Good for you. All work and no play is no good for anybody.

Scott M. said...

Rattlesnake Point is great -- did you happen upon anyone rock climbing?

So... when are you comin' to Ottawa? :)

James said...

So, were the maps good? I take it the parking was indeed at the top, as you'd hoped? :)

M@ said...

Could've told you that about Campbellville. But it's better that you explored it for yourself.

Glad you got away for a hike! Hope you get another in before the end of autumn.

L-girl said...

Nigel: Thanks, I so agree.

Scott: Unfortunately we have no time and no money to go anywhere. My underemployment situation makes travel difficult or impossible. Ottawa is very high on my list of places to go, as is Quebec City. But we can't afford to make any plans.

Also, there was someone getting set up to take a group rock climbing.

James: I made no sense of the maps at all. My brain just doesn't get terrain or satellite images. I saw that Rattlesnake Point was very near Hilton Falls, so we figured if Rattlesnake didn't work, we'd just go to Hilton Falls and walk there. But yes, the parking lot is on the top of the ridgeline.

M@: I should have asked! It wasn't all that great exploring. More like, what the hell, we're hungry. :)