the dumb country i am from

Paul Krugman: Party of Beavis and Butt-head. Follow the link to TPM to see the adolescent behaviour that passes as political discourse in that country.

Canadians love to say our Parliamentarians are acting like children. But at least they're Canadian children.


redsock said...

Weekly Standard editor John McCormack: "As a citizen of the world who believes that No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation ..."

A right-winger is saying this. I am speechless.

L-girl said...

Hypocrisy Unlimited

L-girl said...

And after that quote:

"I'm glad that the Obama White House's jingoist rhetoric..."


redsock said...

They said it themselves: they make their own reality.

James said...

Glenn Beck, on why it's good that Chicago didn't get the Olympics: "Vancouver lost, how much was it? They lost a billion dollars when they had the Olympics."

He's talking, of course, about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Nitangae said...

L-girl, you are sounding like my grandmother, who was a patriotic American teenager, moved to Canada when she was 16 in the 1930s and then at some point - I think because of the failure of the anti-lynching laws - became the most anti-American of them all.

She had the full-blast anger of the disappointed true-believer. I remember various times when my mother - lefty though she is - would try to make kind comments about the USA, and my grandmother would ruthlessly contradict her - "I have been an American much longer than you have been!"

That being said, Canadian, and European politics is depressing, but USA politics is just unbelievable. On what planet is Obama a socialist?

L-girl said...

L-girl, you are sounding like my grandmother

Not sure what you're going for here, but I always sound this way.

L-girl said...

She had the full-blast anger of the disappointed true-believer.

That's one thing I'm not. I was never a true believer about the US. I was protesting for civil rights and against the Vietnam War when I was in grade school.

redsock said...

On what planet is Obama a socialist?

If one exists, it hasn't been discovered yet.

L-girl said...

LOL @ Glen Beck

All of a sudden these flag-waving yahoos don't want the Olympics. Amazing.

Nigel Patel said...

L, I wish my grandmother sounded like you.
Ontario born(English parents), naturalized American and "born again" to boot.

It's maddening hearing The Right get honest about their contempt for the nation.
It's a temper tantrum with guns.

L-girl said...

Well said, Nige. Scary.