"conscience behind bars" at the mark

I have a story at "The Mark" which I'd like you to read: "Conscience Behind Bars," about three Campaigners' visit to jailed war resister Cliff Cornell, and Bill C-440.

If you go to The Mark today (and for the next few days), you should see the story as the top headline, rotating with 4 other stories.

Front page here, story here.

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Boyd M L Reimer said...

Great article on The Mark!

Here is something for all to ponder:

How do we want the world to remember Canada during future wars not sanctioned by the United Nations? 2009 could decide that.

Will Canada be remembered as the first nation in the world whose Supreme Court refused to re-hear and re-challenge a lower court’s direct contradiction of Nuremberg Principle 4?

Or will Canada be remembered as the first nation in the world which set up a law (Bill C-440) that would allow sanctuary for those who refuse to participate in a war that is "not sanctioned by the United Nations?"

Both Nuremberg Principle 4 and the United Nations itself were established in an attempt to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” (a quote from the very first sentence of the UN Charter)