comments are not functioning

Blogger comment moderation isn't working. Comments are being held in moderation, but we can't see them or put them through - since yesterday afternoon.

Very annoying!


Scott M. said...

Perhaps we should email all our comments to you directly?

johngoldfine said...

It'll be like Christmas morning when you finally get to open the presents and read those comments!

Blogger crapped out yesterday and my students, bless their hearts, were panicked. I told them panicking over a fucked-up blogger was in my job description, not theirs, and it's running okay for my purposes today.

L-girl said...

Scott, you're a regular riot.

John, it was!

Poor Allan hasn't had his xmas yet...

I didn't know anyone still freaked out over fucked-up Blogger. I thought it was only fucked-up Facebook and Twitter now.