meanwhile, back at home ...

[redsock guest post]

We had a fantastic day at Chaco Canyon -- and some nifty map reading that saved us a few hours of extra driving -- but L will elaborate tomorrow. In the meantime, we received some pictures from S, who is hanging out with Tala and Cody.

pups sept 09 02

pups sept 09 06 cody sherrol

pups sept 09 04 tala hose

As many of you may recall, Tala loves water-dispensing devices.


Amy said...

They look like they are getting lots of love! That must make your vacation even better.

David Cho said...

Who says Cody isn't affectionate. She looks VERY loving to me.

L-girl said...

Amy, yes, it's wonderful! After everything that has happened with our dogsitters and dogwalkers, it is SO wonderful - such a relief - to know they are happy and well cared for at home.

David, it's a little act she puts on for new people.

redsock said...

I had meant to send S an email on Monday or so letting her know about Tala's hose obsession, but we had no connection. In the meantime, we got these photos!

David Cho said...

Does she always lean like that as if she's giving a hug? It's really cute.