in which i survive my first day of school

Well, I did it, and lived to tell the tale.

The good news is it was easy, a little fun, and mostly no big deal.

More good news is I met Lisa, the wmtc reader who is in the same program. She picked me out immediately, and we sat next to each other for the introductory lecture. We had fun! Turns out she's a lot closer to my age than I realized. This is fun, too.

The bad news is that as soon as I got into Toronto, I took three steps, and my ankle turned again. It was not nearly as severe as last week in Santa Fe, but bad enough that I had to lean against a building to keep from falling. You can imagine my delight!

After a few minutes I was able to walk, and continued walking through the day, including way more stairs than I wanted. (There must be an accessible entrance to the Faculty of Information building. I will ask.) I was worried about it all day. Allan met me for dinner, and by the time we got home, I was in pain. I spent the rest of the night doing the elevation-and-ice thing.

I'm sure it's time to see a doctor about my ankle. But I know that probably means a long round of appointments - initial visit, MRI, MRI results, probably physio - and I'm loathe to wade in. Maybe the wait for MRIs is a good thing after all. (USians: yes, we do wait for certain high-demand procedures. But we do get them eventually. And they're free.)

But other than the ankle, so far so good - although I haven't had actual classes yet. That starts today and tomorrow.

On Tuesdays I'll have two hours between classes, and on Wednesdays I'll have three hours. I'm hoping that's when I'll do most of my schoolwork.

Continued thanks for your continued good wishes. It means a lot.


James said...

I twist my ankle a fair bit, so I have a cane I use when I've done myself damage -- would that be any use to you? You can borrow it if you think it'd help.

SoSock said...

Hope the ankle heals quickly.
You know, of course, that you will kick school's ass. I certainly have no doubt.
Enjoy it :)

L-girl said...

You know, I've been thinking how useful a cane would be. In Santa Fe, I really got why/how you can need a weight support on one side.

Today I'm going to look for and ask about accessible entrances. I see the campus map has them marked. Maybe I have to enter Bissell through Robarts.

In any case, thank you very much for the offer. I will let you know, and maybe get myself a cane as well.

Sosock, thank you :)

bgk said...

Hope your ankle heals quickly.

Gosh, you might have to wait a week or two for a non-life threatening exam? Oh my gosh, the horror.

And you won't have a $500 tag associated with said procedure?

Communist. *laugh*

---A Very Jealous USian.

L-girl said...

Thanks, bgk.

To be honest, the wait for MRIs in Ontario is much more than a week or two. It could be months - not sure what it's running at these days.

But that's not because the system doesn't work. It's because previous Conservative governments cut funding to the bone, and it has never been restored. So some resources are scarce.

It's a time-honoured formula: cut funding, then say the programs don't work and need to be privatized. Too bad that Canadians won't let them take that next step!

Scott M. said...

Here's the latest wait times:


If you doctor thinks you need one, the shortest average wait times for MRIs in the province are in Sarnia (3 weeks) and Peterborough (5 weeks).

It's definitely worth talking with your doctor about submitting the request to one of the lesser busy locations if you're willing to travel.

Stephanie said...

On wait times, I have had to have an MRI more than once in past years.

I found that once I had a confirmed appointment time (waiting as long as 4 months in London, ON), I could call the MRI lab and let them know that I have a very flexible schedule and could show up with little notice (and pre-prepped i.e. no zippers, bras or jewellery) in the case of a no show OR a cancellation.

They do run the MRI machines 24 hours a day and often people don't realise or don't show up for the 7 am/pm appointment.

Laura, best of luck with school and the ankle.

L-girl said...

Thank you, Scott, for the good wishes and the info.

It's definitely worth talking with your doctor about submitting the request to one of the lesser busy locations if you're willing to travel.

With any procedure I've had so far (x-rays, blood test), my doc has just written out a referral and I've made the appt myself. Would this be handled differently? My doc would put in a request herself?

L-girl said...

Stephanie, thanks for that tip! That is excellent advice.

Allan had a similar experience with the sleep apnea clinic - an appointment far in advance, but then from calling and being available, he got in much earlier.

If I do need an MRI (which I suspect is the case), I'll do just that.

Thanks for the good luck wishes, too. I hope France was great. (How could it not be?)

Stephanie said...

France IS great...
I am here for three more months expecting to finish my thesis while here.

L-girl said...

Oh yes!! I knew that and forgot. I hope you're having a wonderful stay. I'm totally jealous (in the best way). And I'm glad you're in touch!

Some Person said...

I have nothing else to contribute except to wish for your getting better.

tim said...

Ouch! That ankle sounds like its quite the pain in the...well, ankle.

I've done a number on my ankle throughout the years from hockey and general recklessness. It's amazing how much of an impedance it is to life.

Good to hear that your school has started off well! As for the class breaks and doing work - ha! I'll be impressed if you pull that off. I always SAY I'm going to do that, but then when I get a break - I have a break, totally. Joy of Sox here I come!

Oh! And before I forget, I saw this comment on a video thread for a Jon Stewart clip and thought of you and A:

"You know it is time to move to Canada when comedians no longer need to make their own material and instead can just show video clips of your country men. Canada, do you have room for a family of 4? We aren't loony like the rest, I promise!"


L-girl said...

As for the class breaks and doing work - ha! I'll be impressed if you pull that off.

Then prepare to be impressed!

There is no way on earth I am NOT doing school work between classes. The more school work I can get done at school, the less I have to do at home. That's enough incentive for me.

The only question is will that be enough time, or will I still have to do school work at home.

Thank you for the ankle sympathies. Also, not sure if you saw, I sprained my ankle pretty badly our first day in Santa Fe. The first-day-of-school turned ankle was a further recurrence. It's been happening a lot. Ugh.

Thanks for the Jon Stewart - love it!!! :)

MSEH said...

Yea!!!!!!!! For the student stuff! As for the ankle, ick. Hang in there! And, yes, I've been under a rock for a while...

Kim_in_TO said...

Yay, Laura! Not about the ankle, of course - about the school. Best wishes for a great year.

L-girl said...

Thank you Kim :)

NewMe said...

If you're in Toronto and you want an MRI fast, just say you're willing to come in in the middle of the night. The machines operate 24 hours a day. You should get in quite quickly.

P.S. Enjoy library school. My husband's an academic librarian at York.

L-girl said...

Thanks, NewMe! I live in Mississauga, but they might run 24/7 out here, too. That would be an adventure, getting an MRI in the middle of the night.

I see from your profile we have something in common. I'm also a recovered diet addict. Now I am heavier but so much happier. I haven't blogged too much about my own story with that (just no need), but I have mentioned it here and there. If you care to see, click on "food issues" for whatever there is - especially my review of Gina Kolata's "Rethinking Thin".

Thanks for the tip and your good wishes.