home and happy

It was horrible waking up at 5:00 a.m. but once we got out of the hotel, everything went smoothly. Albuquerque to Atlanta to Buffalo, and out of that crazy country, back to civilization. Now I can turn my attention to school - which I start on Monday! - and the upcoming election and try to catch up on war resister news.

One interesting thing about traveling through US airports - "interesting" in the train-wreck kind of way - is that CNN is always on. I don't watch any US TV news, I haven't in years, so seeing what CNN is telling the nation to obsess on is always eye-opening. Eye-opening in the head-shaking kind of way.

So, despite my best efforts to ignore it, I learned that a US Congressperson heckled the President of the United States, calling him a liar. And I saw who was asked to comment on this, from James Carville to Susan Molinari to a "popular conservative blogger".

I'm not a huge Obama fan, but if Congresspeople are going to publicly denounce the POTUS as a liar, we've got to crank up the wayback machine and get the Dems heckling, too.

I'm happy to be home. The dogs did great. We have video of Tala - our dogsitter put her on YouTube! I'll post it as soon as I watch it myself.


Amy said...

Welcome home! I am still reading through your travel posts (so busy these days I can't keep up with almost anything). It sounds like a great trip, despite the ankle problems. I look forward to reading more when I have a chance.

James said...

As August Pollack pointed out, the Republicans have successfully diverted all speech-related attention away from anything Obama said and onto Joe Wilson and his outburst.

Meanwhile, checking the Wayback machine, it seems that Ann Coulter is on record as saying -- several times -- that anyone who failed to applaud sufficiently during Bush's State of the Union speeches should have been charged with treason.

Though, to be honest, my favourite Republican political gaffe of the week was the California legislator Michael Duvall's accidental graphic revelation that he'd been sleeping with a lobbyist for a firm his committee regulates, followed by his resignation the same day, followed by his insistence that his resignation can't be taken as an admission that he had an affair (or was being bribed with sex).

Glad the new dogsitter is working out!

L-girl said...

Thanks, Amy. I write a lot when I travel. Reading it is always optional. :)

James, thanks for posting that perspective. I did catch a glimpse of Duvall's revelation and resignation. But I didn't know it was accidental and graphic! Must investigate!

James said...

Apparently Duvall didn't know his mike was on -- which speaks volumes about his character: who boasts about cheating on not only his wife but also his mistress with someone trading sex for political favours in a public place with microphones all over?

He has apologized for his comments -- not for cheating on his wife or selling political favours, of course: "I deeply regret the comments I made in what I believed was a private conversation".

Duvall is, of course, a staunch Family Values person, and was big on the Prop 8 campaign. He also proposed a law that would ban "Bush Lied, They Died" t-shirts with the names of fallen soldiers on them, on the grounds that those soldiers died protecting people's freedoms, so people shouldn't exploit those freedoms to criticize the war.

If you're interested in some of the graphic details, you can find them at TPM Muckracker.

L-girl said...

Thanks for saving me work! You're right, this is classic.

"I deeply regret the comments I made in what I believed was a private conversation"

It's hard to pick a favourite part of this story, but this might be it.

John F said...

The Duvall story warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever cockles are). My favourite kind of hypocrite is a neocon hypocrite.

L-girl said...

My favourite kind of hypocrite is a neocon hypocrite.

They're so good at it, that's almost a redundancy. Or perhaps a tautology.