m.p.s and immigration critic stand up for u.s. war resister rodney watson

Olivia Chow, NDP Immigration Critic, and Gerard Kennedy, Liberal MP (Parkdale-High Park), both attended yesterday's vigil in support of US war resister Rodney Watson.

Watson was granted a short deferral yesterday, but his deportation is still scheduled for August 19.

Please do what you can do speak out against this injustice. Call the offices of Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper - email your MP - write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Contact details here (scroll down).


Boyd M L Reimer said...

Thanks to all who helped with this peace rally, and this blog post.

For those who want to learn about the background to this issue, see this Wikipedia link

L-girl said...

Thanks Boyd! We can see you were there yesterday. :)

Cornelia said...

Olivia is awesome! She sent me this email over today:

Dear Ms Maier,

Thank you for cc-ing me on this email.

I share your outrage at Minister Jason Kenny's continual attempts to deport US war resisters. I have always believed that Canada is a country that stands up for basic human rights; this means that war resisters should be able to stay in the country. I have put forth two motions in the House of Commons to let U.S war resisters stay in Canada and both passed with overwhelming support.

I strongly believe that it is essential that the Canadian government shows compassion for those who have chosen not to participate in a war that was not sanctioned by the United Nations. In this most recent case of Rodney Watson I have publicly denounced Minister Kenny for going against the will of Parliament.

This past Friday I joined Torontonians in a protest in support of war resisters. To view my speech please visit this website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSl0bMFABQc

To view my press release, please visit my website: http://oliviachow.ca/mp/?cat=13

Rest assured that I will continue to provide a strong voice in support of war resisters.

Thanks again for your email



Office of Olivia Chow
Trinity-Spadina, MP