harper as bush via rick mercer

Did you catch any photos of Action Figure Stephen Harper dressed up in his helicopter suit? It may remind you of a former Resident of the White House. It reminds me of Rick Mercer. And you know how I feel about Rick.

The photos are here, numbers 17, 18 and 19. Click at your own risk.

Letters in today's Globe and Mail:
You've got to hand it to those PR types in the PMO, eh? From Stephen Harper's cuddly blue sweater in the last election campaign to his jet-jockey outfit on your front page - all that's missing, à la George Bush, is the aircraft carrier and the banner Mission Accomplished.

Jim Sinclair, North Bay, ON

Wow, what a shot of our Prime Minister in flight helmet, goggles and vest (In The North, On The Hustings - front page, Aug. 20)! He's certainly ready to take on our northern invaders. All he needs now is a few shots of him riding bare-chested on a horse and he'll really be ready to take on Vladimir Putin.

Arthur Krause, Toronto, ON

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Dharma Seeker said...

what a f&cking tool. and he still hasn't done anything about his Fisher Price hair. Are you reading PMO PR people? Are you out there? Hellooooo? Fisher Price Hair = fail. Also if you're going to use photo ops as a strategy PLEASE send the dude to some yoga classes so he can loosen up a bit. He really does look like an insecure, conspitated "action" figure. Way to represent Steve!