flood update

As of yesterday evening, our absent landlord has been located. As we suspected, he is visiting family in Europe. The last time he did that, the furnace broke. Dismissed as coincidence??

But I spoke to Son of Landlord, Son knew where to find Dad, Dad is shocked and confused. He's owned this home for 20 years, and this is the first flood, says he. Lucky us, says I.

So insurance company has been called, cleaners are being contracted. Our spare bedroom is full of boxes. Allan's desk and bookshelves are in the garage. And mold spores are undoubtedly travelling through the vents.


mister anchovy said...

we had a pond in the back yard after the storm, but amazingly enough, the water stayed out of the house. A number of folks in the neighbourhood weren't so lucky, and there were several flooded basements.

I hope damage at your place is not too serious.

L-girl said...

MA, glad you were spared! (A poem!) Thanks for your good wishes.

I have never been so happy to be a renter and not a homeowner.