back to school

I just bought this.

I've been using the same backpack for 10 years, and have no good way to carry my laptop. This one is also supposed to be easier on your back, which I need.

This makes no rational sense, but somehow buying this new backpack has made me more excited about starting school. My inner student might be waking up.

It turns out I won't miss any actual classes while we're in New Mexico. The "core courses" for incoming students aren't starting til the following week, when we're back. The only thing I'm missing are some meet-and-greets and assemblies. I'm awful at meeting people at those things; I generally just mill around feeling uncomfortable. I'll have plenty of time to meet people in classes, if I'm so inclined. So I'm missing nothing. Yay.


impudent strumpet said...

I totally covet that backpack, even though I have no use whatsoever for a backpack.

L-girl said...

Cool! Since you have more fashion sense than me, I like that.

penlan said...

Which colour did you get? I notice there are 3 colour choices. It's a really nice one, btw.

Amy said...

I totally get the excitement that comes with buying the backpack. It's like going back to grade school and going back to school shopping for the new pens, paper, reinforcements, dividers,and loose leaf binders!! It makes it real.

I am very excited for you!

(I still get excited and nervous each new year myself, but have not bought a new backpack in probably 10 years!)

johngoldfine said...

Nice-looking gear, but wait a goshdarn second here! Does this backpack of yours mean that Monday morning I have to change my trend, be sweet sixteen, and back in class again???

Why the relative lack of excitement? Does it feel like an unpaid job you have to slog through to get to the good stuff on the other side?

One of the many things I loved about graduate school (and I didn't like college [of course, every moment I spent in college was in aid of maintaining 2-S draft status, not the best reason for being there....]) was that we had no core courses. It was all electives, which helped with enthusiasm if it limited our comprehensive knowledge.

L-girl said...

Penlan, black with red trim. It's really sharp looking. Has great organizer-y things inside, which I love, and is constructed very ergonomically.

Amy, thank you! Good luck with your own new school year.

John, yes, the relative lack of excitement so far is exactly that. Right now the prospect of grad school seems like something I have to get through in order to achieve my new career goal. I would much rather be studying Dickens or Marx than "Information Systems and Design".

Another reason is I'm nervous. Understandably so - I accept it, and I know it will pass once I get going - but right now nervous apprehension is over-riding happy excitement.

of course, every moment I spent in college was in aid of maintaining 2-S draft status, not the best reason for being there....

I'd say avoiding conscription is the best possible reason for going to college. Or to Canada. :)

Whatever one does to avoid war is noble, in my book.

arturo said...

Hi L, it looks very stylish! I like backpacks with lots of little deposit to put stuff. What color did you get?

penlan said...

If you read the comments you will have an answer to your question. :)