why truth in advertising laws should apply to politics: health care edition

Several readers send me stories on the renewed US wingnut lie campaign against universal, single-payer health insurance, aka Canada Sucks. I just can't follow the blow-by-blow. Although the heat and the lies have escalated sharply in recent months, it's been going on for years - decades - and I burnt out on it long ago.

I'm glad the Canadian blogosphere is on it, though. Here's something important to read: The real story on Canadian Health Care Hater Shona Holmes, by Ross, The Gazetteer.

Also, don't forget to circulate this everywhere: "Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths", with more links and my commentary here.


Gazetteer said...
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deang said...

Truth in advertising laws really should apply to politics. Environmental campaigner Helen Caldicott once said that she doesn't believe in the freedom to lie for people with a mass audience like Rush Limbaugh. I agree with her.

Gazetteer said...

Deletion above was me to fix a typo...

Laura and readers--

I also posted-up on another homegrown member of the Canadian HealthCare Hater's Club Inc., recently here.


(I'll have more to say about the good Dr. Gratzer, shown in the link above, soon).


Kim_in_TO said...

Thanks for the link.

It's really amazing to see these guys try to stand by their lies!