sing sing sing

I am currently obsessing on this song, so why not share. This is some of the hottest, coolest, swingingest music ever recorded. I think it may be impossible to hear this song and sit still.

Unfortunately the best sound quality on YouTube has only still visuals, but check out Gene Krupa.

Not incidental to my love for him, Benny Goodman led an integrated band in deeply segregated times.

And, to be fair to the creator, although "Sing, Sing, Sing" is most associated with Benny Goodman, it was written by the multi-talented Louis Prima.


redsock said...

I know this song! Not sure if the title ever sunk in, though.

Isn't this song in like every other Woody Allen movie?

L-girl said...

"I know this song!"

Everyone knows Sing Sing Sing! It's uber-famous. Probably one of the two most famous jazz numbers, along with "Take The A Train".

"Isn't this song in like every other Woody Allen movie?"


deang said...

I love this song! I can see how it could get stuck in your head. And I can't sit still listening to it; makes me wish I knew more than basic swing steps. Have you seen film clips from the 30s and 40s of vast halls full of people doing acrobatic swings and throws, dancing with insane energy for hours? Just thinking about that gets my adrenaline pumping. And this kinda music feeds right into the Cuban jazz that I also love, so now I'm gonna go listen to some Cubanismo.

L-girl said...

Another great one that Woody and I both love: In The Mood.

L-girl said...

Glenn Miller (In The Mood) is a lot smoother and cleaner than Benny Goodman (Sing Sing Sing). Goodman is much funkier and hotter.

L-girl said...

Oh, while I was typing that and hunting for a good clip, DeanG snuck in there. :)

I love swing dancing, although I haven't done it in a long, long time. I always think about looking into a swing-dance group. So much fun, such great exercise.

"Have you seen film clips from the 30s and 40s of vast halls full of people doing acrobatic swings and throws, dancing with insane energy for hours?"

I know, it's crazy! What a scene that must have been.

I love Cuban jazz, too. :)

Jennifer Smith said...

I'm pretty sure they do that one in "Swing Kids", too - LOVE that movie!!

It saddens me that I grew up believing that Big Band music was Lawrence Welk.

impudent strumpet said...

I totally envy people who can swing dance. It was trendy when I was i high school and I tried to learn, but failed epically.

Jennifer Smith said...

Laura - please email me. There's weirdness afoot.

Jennifer Smith said...

Never mind - I see you're already familiar with magnolia_2000. He's Baaaack....

L-girl said...

Jennifer, if it's "Magnolia_2000", it goes back a long, long ways, and you're not alone. He surfaces every once in a while and targets bloggers who link to me and/or comment on wmtc.

If you go to the recent Stonewall-related thread, I let one comment of his through there just to alert folks that he's around.

Feel free to email me (email address on the sidebar) if you want. It's a busy week for me, but I can probably get back to you later in the week.

Meanwhile, don't worry! He's a sick fucker, but harmless.