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I've mentioned that on most Monday holidays, we've gotten in the habit of meeting friends at a leash-free park. Usually the eight of us - James, Lori, Allan, me, Cobalt, Denim, Cody, Tala - spend the morning together, the humans strolling along watching the canine play.

In May we went to Cherry Beach for the first time, a leash-free park on Lake Ontario. James had his camera, of course, and his photos from the day are now online.

If you go to this set, the photos from that day are at the end; click on "4" on the bottom. They're excellent photos. Enjoy.


James said...

Cody's usually pretty calm and quiet, and doesn't attract a lot of photographer attention -- and when she does, I usually end up with a dozen pictures that are almost identical poses, and so only post one.

This trip, though, she was really into it, and I got a chance to get some really fun shots. I think my favourites are this, this, and this.

L-girl said...

Yeah! She suddenly started to buck and leap about. We were all laughing and saying "Look at Cody go!"

Plus you also caught her rolling in the grass. She does that all the time, but it's not easy to catch on camera.

Cornelia said...

Wow, cool!

impudent strumpet said...

Caption: "I R SERIOUS DOG!"