canada wil deserteurs vs niet meer

This piece from Dutch television about US war resisters in Canada seems to be very supportive. I don't understand Dutch, but the gist is easy to catch. If you speak Dutch, perhaps you will translate some highlights in comments.

Either way, please watch: Canada wil deserteurs VS niet meer.

Here's a US story about Josh Randall.

Josh's own statement is here.

Many thanks to David for sending.

Update. Translation now in comments!


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I am terribly hurt that you didn't ask me directly! *g*

It's a tradition in the United States that soldiers who no longer want to fight cross the border to Canada. Deserters. They're safe in Canada and don't have to go to jail. But now the Canadian government do want to deport the Americans. And that's a great shock to the two hundred American soldiers who have fled the war in Iraq.

Josh Randall is twenty-two years old and a deserter from the American army who lives in exile in Canada. He served as a medic in Iraq. At one point he had to go along into a house during a raid. But an explosive device that his team used wounded two children and a mother.

[Josh's first statement]

Josh said that he didn't get any time from his sergeant to help the wounded people.

[Josh's second statement]

He couldn't get out of his army contract, so he deserted. Volunteer Dave is helping him to build a new life in Canada.

[Dave's statement]

Josh is stuck here.

[Josh's third statement]

He risks two years of jail, a criminal record, and the loss of his right to vote. The exile is hard for him.

[Josh's fourth statement]

In a visit with Marshall Mengell, one of the fifty thousand deserters from the Vietnam War.

[Marshall's statement]

The so-called war resisters could always count on a warm welcome in Canada, but that's changing. Prime Minister Harper has started deporting the deserters. He thinks that they don't deserve asylum status. One of them is even already sitting in an American jail.

Josh is married to a Canadian woman, so they think that he won't be deported, but he's definitely not welcome in the U.S.

[Josh's fifth statement]

The Vietnam War deserters eventually all got immigration. That's definitely not in the cards for the Iraq War deserters.

L-girl said...

I am terribly hurt that you didn't ask me directly!

In Canadian fashion, I was hoping you would take the hint! :)

Actually, I thought of you but didn't want to impose. Thanks so much for volunteering and posting it here!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much "Idealistic Pragmatist". David and I were likewise wishing for subtitles when we first saw this.

Now we have your fabulous translation!

Oh and as a side note: the lovely Tibetan prayer flag inspired banner that you saw in the piece...was confiscated by a bylaw enforcement officer who was following up on an earlier complaint from neighbours.

But that is another story...

Thanks to you both for posting this.

David Heap said...


David Heap said...

Thanks, IP for the translation!

We are not happy about the sad story of the Resisters banner at Wendy's place:

but we're not going to let it end there. Instead, we have plans to keep house banners going that comply with the silly city by-laws, by moving them around every few days...).

Marshall Mangan, the Vietnam resister who appeared in the Dutch news clip, marked the 39th anniversary of his arrival in Canada on the day this item was filmed.

Cornelia said...

Great translation (and article), thank you so much, idealistic pragmatist!
Indeed, I fail to comprehend the issues the city law enforcement had with the said banner.
And Josh's boss was a bully and a complete idiot!!!