bully boy pride

Pride parade with pits!

Go! Watch!


redsock said...

The look of the dog at 1:02 is the same intense stare Buster would give L's red wine glass after he got his first lick.

(Not at L, but the glass.) Like if he stared hard enough, the wine would rise out of the glass and go over into his mouth.

Cute guys at :30 and :34, too.

Also, Little Richard's voice was amazing!

L-girl said...

I got hung up on that one, too. Got choked up for a second.

I should explain that wine/lick comment. I would dip my finger into my glass of red wine, and let Buster lick my finger.

After licking the wine off, he would stare at the full wine glass with such intensity - it was scary! "Wine, I command you..."

impudent strumpet said...

OMG, they are so happy! And this, despite the ridiculous costumes.