wmtc meets mseh

At this very moment, I am waiting for MSEH of Two Moms to Canada to arrive from the airport. She's staying with us for a couple of days, en route to a wedding in Detroit. In a bit of bad timing, she's leaving the morning of wmtc4! But it will be so great to meet the New Brunswick branch of our blog family, or one member of it, anyway.

Speaking of wmtc4, it's coming right up, this Saturday night. The potluck seems to be shaping up nicely. Now all we need is good weather. So far early summer in the GTA comes in spurts - a couple of beautiful days interrupted by chill and damp. Could I order one beautiful evening for Saturday, please?


West End Bob said...

Please give mseh a hug from West End Bob and "drf" from Vancouver, please.

Have her give one to you from us, also, please!

Have fun and do us a favour:

Solve all the world's problems while she's there, OK ? ? ? ? ;)

L-girl said...

We're working on it! Thanks, WEB! :)

MSEH said...

I'm here! Had a great day visiting with folks and checking out Sweet Creamery. On to Friday!

Sent from L-girl and A's guest room via my iPod! How crazy is that?!

Thanks, everyone, for your hospitality! :-)

L-girl said...

Wow, cool. :)

It turns out MSEH took off this morning (Friday), on to her next adventure. She'll be in several provinces and states on this trip!

I have my last minute wmtc4 to-do list and something I don't usually have on Fridays: the car.