toronto cupe strike explained

The issues behind the Toronto CUPE strike explained for you.

A discussion about unions and why we need them is going on in this thread: i support striking city workers and you should too.


David Heap said...

I second Jesse's suggestion:

What you can do

*Join picket lines: Etobicoke Civic Centre, City Hall, North York Civic Centre, Scarborough Civic Centre.

tim said...

Hey L, off-topic post here but at the concert last night the opening band (Strike Anywhere) put out a song to the war resisters. I thought it was cool.

L-girl said...

Tim, thanks for telling me!!

Where was the show? What did they say?

tim said...

It was at the Phoenix in Toronto, Propagandhi was headlining - there's a 2nd show going on tonight...they just said the song was for the war resisters, and talked about how messed up it is that in the states, the army goes into high-schools and has sign-up booths to pluck kids out and ship them off to war. I didn't really hear/comprehend any of the lyrics, such is the nature of punk rock live, but I plan on looking into it later today.

L-girl said...

That is so cool!

I knew which show it was (thank you gamethread!). I'm going to ask around, see if anyone else I know was there. Very cool.

Plus it was a crappy game, good timing for you. :)