Search string of the day:
can your male next door neighbor turn out to be gay

Is he calling a moving van, or hoping for a date?


Charlie Anonymous said...

They both are and they're quite tolerant of my heterocity.
Some of their best friends are straight.

JakeNCC said...

What is a "search string"?

laura k said...

"What is a "search string"?"

The words you type into Google or another search engine.

So my "SSOD" category is search strings people used that landed them on wmtc, that I thought were funny or otherwise notable. Click on the post label for other examples.

Jere said...

This cracked me up during the crappy part of the Sox game.

impudent strumpet said...

The phrasing implies that they think one of the possible answers might be "No." I badly want to know the story behind that.

laura k said...

Jere, glad I could help! This morning I asked Allan the final score. When he said 5-4, I said, good thing we tacked on an extra run, since they came back. Then he told me the rest of the score.

Imp Strump, I know, me too!