dr george tiller and seven other human beings

Someone suggested this was buried in my earlier post, so here it is again.

Dr. Tiller was the 4th abortion provider, and the 8th person overall, murdered by anti-choice terrorists in the US since 1993. The victims, in order of their deaths:
Dr. David Gunn
Dr. John Britton
James Barrett, clinic escort
Shannon Lowney, clinic receptionist
Lee Ann Nichols, clinic receptionist
Robert Sanderson, off-duty police officer working as a security guard
Dr. Barnett Slepian
Dr. George Tiller


Cid said...

I recently attended a Catholic funeral for the father of a friend. During the service they asked if the family had any "petitions". Being Anglican I didn't know what that meant until they began a list of people/things to pray for such as the conversion of doctors who perform abortions?! It is hard to believe that these people are still out there.

laura k said...

Out there, and we're going to see more and more of them now.

Maybe someone will petition for the souls of abusive priests and the bishops, cardinals and popes who covered for them? Nah, I didn't think so.

Cornelia said...

OMG, a police officer, too? Was he ambushed?

JakeNCC said...

I read an article last night in the Globe where another abortion provider in Colorado said he's the only late-term provider left in America and he said bluntly that he too would be killed, that it was just a matter of time. This is civilized society?

Do you know if there are any Canadian providers that could perform the needed late term procedures if we could get the women here? Is there a Haven type organization here that might help American women?

laura k said...

Jake, I didn't post your recent comment quoting the anti. Sorry.

JakeNCC said...

It's ok. I understand. Someone had sent me her column and pointed out it was printed a week before Dr. Tiller was assasinated.

laura k said...

Yes, it's quite disgusting. I try never to have that stuff over here, or even link to it. Linking to a progressive or liberal site that links to the wingnuts is enough for me!