spring begins today at 2:00

Happy Opening Day!

Major League Baseball began its 2009 season yesterday, and today, Baseball Season begins - freals - in our home. This afternoon, the Boston Red Sox host our new archrival Tampa Bay Rays in beautiful, historic Fenway Park.

Am I ever glad not to be in New York City today. With both the Yankees and the Mets opening new stadiums, the hype must be out of control. Here, we live in our little cocoon of Soxness. Now if we could just have some spring weather - it's chilly, gray and wet today - we'd be all set.

As always, see Joy of Sox for all your Red Sox needs. As we of Joy Nation like to say:

It is on.


Amy said...

Yay! It is also gray, cold and rainy here. I hope they get to play the game.

L-girl said...

By now I'm sure you know, it's postponed until tomorrow afternoon. Better than waiting through a rain delay!

Jere said...

re The Hype: I thought it would be crazy, too, but after going to one game at each new stadium this weekend, I have to say, the crowds were rather uninspired. That is, the roughly half of ticket holders who showed up at all. I feel like I was way more excited about the first game at a new Yankee Stadium than even Yankee fans.

I think the secondary market is finally at the point where it will be noticeable how they're screwing everything up. Tickets for Friday night's Yankee game were set at 1923 prices. I was lucky enough to get some. But instead of other fans getting them, most people who did tried to resell them on the secondary market sites at ridiculous prices, leaving a lot of seats unfilled. Granted, bad weather, exhibition games, but come on, I feel like if real fans had had the chance to get $1 tickets to see the new stadium, knowing they might not have another chance, let alone at those prices, they'd go! But there were so many empty seats! I think this year on TV we're gonna see a lot of empty seats right behind home plate.

L-girl said...

I meant the media hype.

I would imagine all ballparks will be seeing an increase in empty seats this season, with so many people out of work or worried about losing their jobs.

John F said...

I'm too tired to write my usual tongue-in-cheek "The Jays are going all the way due to divine intervention or something!" post, so just imagine that I did. :-)