jason kenney should resign because...

Before the last federal election here in Canada, I asked readers to finish this sentence: "We don't want another Harper Government because...". It was a long list.

Now here we are, one prorogue and one massive Liberal cave-in later, still labouring under this endless so-called minority government. It's frustrating for so many reasons.

These days much of my anger focuses on Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and [ha!] Multiculturalism. (I prefer Olivia Chow's more accurate title, Minister of Censorship and Deportation.) The man is a disgrace to Canada, and an embarrassment to the Conservative Party. He should be fired or resign.

Kenney has been at the epicenter of a series of decisions that expose the Harper government's racist, xenophobic, exclusionary ideology. There's talk that Kenney is positioning himself for a run at the party leadership. The inner workings of the Conservative Party of Canada aren't a topic of concern on wmtc - unless they want to split back into the two parties from whence they came. Stephen Harper has clearly lost control of the yes-men that surround him, but whether Kenney has run amok or if his mouth runs with the blessing of Prime Minister Fisher-Price doesn't matter to me.

Here's what matters.

  • Kenney cut government funds to the Canadian Arab Federation, because they express support for Hamas and Hezbollah, which Canada classifies as terrorist organizations. Nowhere have I seen the government accuse the CAF of being a terrorist organization, only that they express support for the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people. That is censorship. That is bigotry.

    The CAF itself has an active immigrant settlement program, including an English as a Second Language program...

  • So naturally, Kenney declared that immigrants who don't speak one of Canada's official languages "well enough" should be denied citizenship.

  • Banning British MP and peace activist George Galloway was outrageous...

  • But it was also in keeping with the government barring entry to other peace activists, most notably Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin, which has been going on for two years, and continues to this day. Ann Wright was scheduled to speak at the opening session of a student peace conference at Toronto's Ryerson University, just before George Galloway's scheduled appearance. Wright appeared by video, because she is denied entry into Canada.

  • The government's continuing denials of an emergency passport to Abousfian Abdelrazik (Canadian citizen) is maddening and indefensible...

  • ...but completely in keeping with its refusal to bring home Omar Khadr (Canadian citizen) - while somehow managing to get Brenda Martin (Canadian citizen) back in Canada. Why is that, I wonder?

  • Deporting war resisters, against the will of Parliament and the majority of the Canadian people, also falls under this category. War resisters oppose a racist war of aggression. War resisters represent peace, and the vision of an international world not divided by racism, nationalism and hatred.

    There are many ways to finish the sentence, "Jason Kenney should resign because...". What am I missing?

    redsock said...

    As I noted in my letter to the Globe & Mail (March 31, 2009):

    "[I]n April, 2006, Mr. Kenney addressed a rally organized by the supporters of a banned terrorist organization, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran. The group was placed on Canada's official terror list in May, 2005."

    L-girl said...

    The end of RS's letter:

    "...In the interest of fairness, I ask that Mr. Kenney now ban himself from Canada."

    Soldier Say No! said...

    You go, L-girl!

    (You too, Redsock!)

    It's high time to go after these Neocon dinosaurs who are posing as the leaders of the Canadian people.

    (I've got nothing against dinosaurs, mind you. It's just that they are not here anymore.)

    Put the NEOCONS on the defensive. Ban THEM. Hmmm, there might be some clever ways of doing so.

    Jason Kenney should resign because... his racist, pro-war agenda is not in keeping with the aspirations of the large majority of Canadians.

    Jason Kenney should resign because... he is determined to deport war resisters Kimberly Rivera, Patrick Hart and Jeremy Hinzman, along with their young families.

    And because he has publicly called them "bogus" refugee claimants.

    FOR SHAME that Harper and Kenney refuse to use any of the various, non-controversial means at their disposal to allow these war resister families to remain in Canada.

    FOR SHAME that Harper and Kenney are sending these war resisters to certain imprisonment and prolonged separation from their children and spouses. And then they have the nerve to deny this is persecution.

    Jason Kenney AND Stephen Harper should resign... because their minds are disconnected from their hearts.

    ... and because they are ANTI-FAMILY and not at all kid friendly. They want to kick a 4-month-old Canadian citizen out of her own country while taking her mother away from her at the same time!

    I seriously doubt that Harper and Kenney are out of sync. Kenney is one of Harper's attack dogs.

    It's high time for the Canadian people to oust these Neocon posers. Let's not wait for the Liberals to do it. We have very different priorities and a very different timetable.


    Thank you. I feel better now.

    L-girl said...

    Thank you. I feel better now.Glad I could help! :)

    I seriously doubt that Harper and Kenney are out of sync. Kenney is one of Harper's attack dogs. It is possible Kenney is acting on his own. Harper has lost control of the party, that has become clear in many ways. His approach is much more what we got from Diane Finley - say nothing, stonewall, give pat institutional responses. This kind of blathering in the media - like the "bogus refugees" comment - is not Harper-esque at all.

    We almost never see Harper in the media up here now.

    The prorogue-coalition fiasco really did him in. If he doesn't win a majority in the next election (which he won't), he's gone. But when will that be????