jason kenney, contortionist

This Toronto Star story about the recent, excellent development in Kim Rivera's case represents a breakthrough for the Campaign to Let Them Stay. It may be the first mainstream media story that mentions - not in a quote from the Campaign - the motion, now passed twice in Parliament, in favour of the Iraq War resisters in Canada.

Jason Kenney continues to prejudice the entire refugee process with his totally inappropriate announcements in the media. He continues to display his disregard - his contempt - for an impartial process, and for democracy.

In case you missed it, when asked about the war resisters on a recent visit to Calgary, this was Kenney's response. It's repeated in the Star story.
We're not going to contort the refugee laws to suit some people's political agenda.

Who's contorting what, Mr. Kenney? Who's got the political agenda? Parliament has voted twice to stop the deportations and let war resisters stay in Canada, but your government ignores that because it doesn't suit your political agenda!

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Why not take a moment today and write a letter to the Star in support of war resisters? Kenney out! Resisters in!


Boyd M L Reimer said...

Here is the letter I sent to the Star. Everyone should feel free to copy it and send it as their own.

Re: Federal court to hear American war resister's appeal (April 21)

Kenney said he won't give asylum to objectors to wars "not sanctioned by the United Nations," calling that majority Parliamentary motion "some people's political agenda."

That motion happens to be the "agenda" of the majority of elected leaders of taxpayers who pay Kenney to do his job of representing the majority.

It's a simple, straightforward job -- so why does he contort it?

Whatever happened to that Dec 4 post-proroguement pledge to respect Parliament?

L-girl said...

Thanks, Boyd, great letter.

In general, folks, it's better not to copy and re-send other people's letters. The chance of any of them being published goes way down. A few sentences of your own will be much more effective.