breaking news: war resister cliff cornell sentenced to 12 months, bad conduct discharge

War resister Cliff Cornell, who was forced to leave Canada under threat of deportation, was court martialled today. Cliff was sentenced to 12 months in the brig (military prison), and received a Bad Conduct Discharge.

That makes three war resisters - Cliff Cornell, Robin Long and Daniel Sandate - now serving prison time because the Harper Government refuses to respect the will of Parliament and implement the motion allowing war resisters to stay. James Burmeister also served time in prison, although he left Canada voluntarily.

This is a disgrace, and it has to end.

More details to follow.


Cornelia said...

O shit!!

Boyd M L Reimer said...

We all have to ask ourselves on this day in history, who is really and truly "guilty?" Who really committed a crime on this day?

This is the article on Clifford Cornell from the Record (By the way, after serving six months of an 8 month sentence, Sandate was released Jan 20. See details )

L-girl said...

Thanks, Boyd. I wrote this from memory and forgot that Daniel has been released.