wednesday morning: vigil for resister matt lowell

[Allan Guest Post]

The Harper government continues to deport US Iraq war resisters, contrary to the will of Parliament.

On Wednesday, March 18, the Federal Court will hear an appeal by Iraq war resister Matt Lowell. Matt is appealing the negative decision by the Immigration ministory in his Humanitarian and Compassionate application.

There will be a vigil in support of Matt Lowell at the Federal Court building on 180 Queen St. West in Toronto -- west of University Ave, Osgoode subway -- on Wednesday at 8:30 AM.

Back on April 13, 2005, Stephen Harper stated:
The Prime Minister has the moral responsibility to respect the will of the House.

It is time for Mr. Harper to heed his own words -- and respect Canadian democracy -- and allow the war resisters to stay in Canada.

(I'm much better at reporting things than writing motivating encouragement, so please, just go and join the crowd tomorrow if you can. There is a ton of traffic at that spot, so even stopping by for five minutes on your way to work is a great show of support.)

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