war resister legal defense campaign update

Our Fundable campaign to raise money for war resister legal defense ended on March 25. After all the pledges were sorted out and Fundable took its cut, the total was $4450. There were another $400 in cash donations from people who couldn't get the site to work, bringing the net to $4850. But that figure is in US funds. Converted to Canadian, it should be around $5900!

It's so frustrating how quickly that money goes. Every cent of it is already accounted for. Campaigners are funding the campaign on their own credit cards, to be paid back slowly over time.

We need a wealthy benefactor to bankroll the legal campaign until we can get a law passed for all the resisters to stay.

But despite these frustrations, our online fundraising campaign was a huge success. I'll email each donor individually, but for now, on behalf of the War Resisters Support Campaign, please accept my most sincere thanks. You've made a real difference in people's lives. You've helped support peace.

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