war resister kim rivera granted emergency stay of deportation!

Hooray! A terrible thing will not happen tomorrow. Kim Rivera and her family will not be deported from Canada.

Kim was granted an emergency stay of removal. Federal Court Justice James Russell found, as lawyer Alyssa Manning argued, that the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Officer who reviewed Kim's file did not take into account differential treatment being given to war resisters who speak out against the Iraq War.

I've just returned from a wonderful celebratory public meeting. I'll blog all about it tomorrow. Tonight I just wanted to share this great news.

Tonight we all breathe easier, knowing one more family is safe, at least for now. The fight continues. More tomorrow.


M@ said...

I'm so happy that the stay was granted. It was great to be in the room with so many upbeat and relieved people -- the vibe was far more positive than I had expected!

Great stuff. The resisters and the resisters movement deserve so much credit for getting so far. Gonna keep at it till the end!

Soldier Say No! said...

Hooray is right!

Hooray for Kimberly Rivera and her family!

Hooray for the Canadian people and the War Resisters Support Campaign for their determined support for Iraq War resisters.

Hooray for the many people in the U.S. who have called on the Canadian government to do the right thing.

Hooray for all who strive for peace and justice.

Today is a happy day!

Meg said...

This is excellent news, I am so glad to hear this. Thanks for the update!

MSEH said...

Yes, just saw that on fb and thought I'd check in here, too. Rock on! I look forward to hearing more.

L-girl said...

Thanks everyone. :)

the vibe was far more positive than I had expected!

You said it! I was expecting anger and tears. We were going to march and hold a vigil. Instead, there were tears of joy.

Now for the detailed version...

Cornelia said...

Yay, that's great news!!! Wow, I am so glad and relieved. Yeah, hooray!! Very reassuring and encouraging.