this weds, march 25: stand with the rivera family

Toronto-area folks, please try to attend this Wednesday's emergency public meeting for war resister Kimberly Rivera and her family. If you have ever been involved with supporting war resisters - or ever thought of being involved - this is the meeting to attend.

If you don't live in this area, please do what you can by phone and email.

The Harper Government has given the Riveras a March 26 deportation date - that's this Thursday. They want to rid Canada of people who refuse to participate in the US's illegal, immoral occupation of Iraq. We want a Canada that welcomes people of peace and conscience.

Last June, the majority of Parliament voted to Let Them Stay. We want a Canada run by democracy, not the ideology of a minority Conservative government bent on shutting down dissent.

We will not give up. We will not go quietly.

Emergency public meeting
Wednesday, March 25
7:00 p.m.
25 Cecil Street, Toronto

Phone calls
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney
Ministry office: 613.954.1064
Parliamentary office: 613.992.2235
minister@cic.gc.ca or Kennej@parl.gc.ca

Minister of Public Safety Peter Van Loan
Parliamentary office: 613.996.7752
Constituency office: 905.898.1600
vanlop1@parl.gc.ca or communications@ps.gc.ca

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

If you email, please cc the opposition party critics and Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff:
Maurizio Bevilacqua (Liberal critic): BevilM@parl.gc.ca
Olivia Chow (NDP critic): chowo@parl.gc.ca
Thierry St-Cyr (Bloc Québécois critic): StCyrT@parl.gc.ca
Michael Ignateiff: Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca

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Cornelia said...

I just emailed on the issue:

Dear Minister Van Loan,

Please don't get Ms. Rivera and her family deported. The overwhelming majority of Canadians and the majority of Parliament wants that war resisters be allowed to stay in Canada.
In the case of Ms. Rivera, deportation would amount to a grievous hardship both for herself and her family, particularly her children. The youngest of her kids, her new-born daughter, is even a Canadian citizen.
Please respect democracy and save Ms. Rivera and her family from getting sent back. Thanks!