rcmp chief insults our intelligence by saying canadians have rushed to judgment

Most Canadians do not understand the pressures of modern-day policing and should not rush to judgment, nor condemn the RCMP over the Robert Dziekanski affair, the Mounties' top man said Sunday.

However, most Canadians saw the video. We saw how "four healthy, young officers" wearing body armour and carrying guns ganged up on one stressed out, dishevelled man and killed him. The Canadian Press story continues.
"I think the expression, walk a mile in my shoes comes to mind," he said Sunday at the conclusion of a brief visit to Kandahar.

That's exactly what we did. That's why our hearts broke for Robert Dziekanski and his mother.
"They don't realize how quickly things happen and they don't realize how quickly often - unfortunately - bad things happen," he told reporters at Kandahar Airfield after meeting with RCMP officers, who are mentoring Afghan police.

Twenty-four seconds, wasn't it?

William Elliott, you insult every thinking Canadian with this nonsense. And you make your agency look even more brutal and incompetent.

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