question of the day with important update

Why can an international terrorist enter Canada but an international peace activist cannot?

Bush can visit Alberta to tell us how great the world is when you're rich and powerful. But George Galloway can't come to Ontario to help us fix everything the unelected Bush/Cheney junta purposely broke.

Update! We have to remember not only to complain to each other, and on blogs, and on Facebook. Light up the phone lines! Let them know this is not their own private Canada to do with what they please. We have got to make them back down on this!

If you're not angry enough already, read the quotes from Kenney's spokesperson in this story.

Upperdate! When I called the ministry office to complain, I was told I have to put my complaint in writing "so we can take it and process it". I asked, "So there will be no record of this call?" and the assistant said, "No, there'll be a record, but we can only process complaints that are submitted in writing." Cute.

Writing they want, writing they'll get.

Letters to the editor, too, folks. Very important.


Nigel Patel said...

Because it's harder to find excuses to throw peace activists into the slammer?

L-girl said...

You are onto something there.

More crazy shit here.

L-girl said...

Did you know Kenney is "an ardent free speecher"? He says so right here.

L-girl said...

Galloway threatens to sue Harper govt

I want a piece of that!

impudent strumpet said...

Great, now our whole country looks like dickheads and it's made the international media. What are we supposed to do now? Put Barack Obama buttons on our backpacks when travelling through Europe?